Your air filter plays a critical role in keeping your Fountain Inn, SC, home comfortable throughout the year. Despite their importance, air filters often go neglected because they’re easy to forget. Consider these consequences of not changing your HVAC system’s air filter and allowing it to clog with dirt and debris.

Climbing Energy Costs

Allowing your air filter to clog creates an airflow restriction at the beginning of the cycle. Reduced airflow naturally causes reduced efficiency, driving up your energy costs.

Frozen Coils and Compressor Damage

When your HVAC system can’t circulate enough air, it starts straining. The first consequence is longer cooling cycles, which causes significant wear on your compressor.

When the airflow becomes restricted enough, the refrigerant doesn’t have heat to absorb. This allows it to become significantly colder than normal, freezing any condensate currently on the coils. Frozen coils tend to wear faster, not only leading to expensive repairs, but usually to needing an AC replacement.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

When it comes to furnaces, a lack of airflow through the system causes a dangerous buildup of heat. This excessive heat leads to excessive wear on the heat exchanger, eventually causing the metal to crack. Once the heat exchanger cracks, you’ll likely need to replace your furnace.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality leads to stronger seasonal allergies, more asthma attacks and a need for more cleaning. Your air filter removes many of the airborne contaminants that can trigger these issues as your home’s air circulates through the HVAC system. Less air flowing through the filter reduces the number of contaminants it can remove.

How Often to Change Your Filters

Aim to change your air filter as soon as you can see that it’s getting clogged. This could range from as frequently as every month to as long as nine months or more, depending on the filter type. Plan to check your filter every month, and gently vacuum the intake side when you do to extend its life.

In addition to neglected air filters, many of these issues are also caused by ignoring routine maintenance. Call to schedule your heating or AC maintenance with our expert comfort advisors at Authorized Heating & Air Conditioning.

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