Poor indoor air quality interferes with sleep quality and comfort. You could be engaging in activities that pollute indoor air without your knowledge. Here are some household habits that worsen indoor air quality in Gantt, SC:

Failing to Change Your Filter

Your HVAC air filter maintains quality indoor air by trapping contaminants that float in your home. These pollutants can trigger headaches, asthma attacks and allergy symptoms.

The contaminants continue to accumulate on your filter with time. As a result, your air filter may become blocked and unable to filter the air efficiently. Changing your filter at least once every other month will ensure your indoor air is free of contaminants.

Failing to Fix Leaky Ducts

When your HVAC system finishes eliminating heat from your indoor air, it relays the air back into your home through ductwork. Your ducts may have openings that allow air from your basement and walls to enter. This air joins the conditioned air going back into your indoor air space.

The air from your walls and basement doesn’t pass through the filter before it enters your home. As a result, it interferes with indoor air quality by introducing dust and debris.

Failing to Use Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Household cleaners contain volatile organic compounds. These compounds can trigger respiratory discomforts.

Failing to adopt modern IAQ solutions keeps these contaminants circulating in your home and reduces your comfort. A ventilator can help eliminate these compounds and introduce fresh air from outside.

Energy recovery ventilators extract heat from the incoming air and transfer it to the outgoing air. This way, your HVAC system doesn’t have to consume more energy to cool the new air from outside.

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