Many people spend most of their time indoors during the fall and winter, and their HVAC systems run continuously. Although you may associate peak winter season with increased energy costs, it’s possible to cut heating bills and still keep your home comfortable when it’s cold outside. Read on to understand how you can remain warm and comfortable in your Inman, SC, home and still cut energy costs.

Seal Cracks and Leaks

Leaks and cracks can develop in the doors, windows and walls, causing warm air to escape. This unnecessary heat loss makes your heating system work twice as hard to maintain warm and comfortable temperatures. A professional comfort advisor can seal the leaks and cracks and eliminate drafts to prevent warm air loss by using caulking or weather-stripping.

Install New Windows and Doors

You can also choose to replace your windows and doors with new and improved models. These updated versions regulate your home’s internal temperatures and don’t allow hot air to escape. Although they may be more expensive than other options, windows with wooden frames have insulation properties that reduce energy loss.

Clean or Replace Air Filters Regularly

Autumn is the best time to schedule regular maintenance for your HVAC system. Maintenance entails checking whether your air filters are in good condition, cleaning or replacing them depending on your HVAC system. Ideally, you should check your filter every month and change it as needed. As a result, you’ll help to maintain high energy efficiency and healthy indoor air quality.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

With a smart thermostat, you can program your system to heat your home only when there are people in it. You can control your home’s temperature remotely using your smartphone, and you’ll receive alerts when it’s time to schedule furnace maintenance or change the heating system’s filter.

Don’t neglect your heater and expect excellent results. Contact the comfort advisors at Authorized Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your fall HVAC system maintenance appointment right away.

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