Summer is coming, and one of your concerns includes your air conditioning system. Are you unsure whether it’ll make it through another summer? Below are five signs you need a new AC system for your Easley, SC, home.

Requiring Constant Repairs

When your AC system needs many repairs, it’s a sign to replace it. While you can replace and repair all the individual parts, eventually you’ll need a complete replacement as components become harder to find. While you’re likely worried about the upfront cost of a new system, the constant repairs no longer become worth the expense over time.

Increased Energy Bills

As your AC system becomes less efficient, it uses more energy to keep you comfortable. As a result, your energy bills increase, even if you have a service technician perform repairs or maintenance. A new air conditioning system saves you anywhere between 20% and 40% on home cooling costs.

Lack of Maintenance

With regular maintenance, a professional catches potential problems before they become issues and increases the efficiency of your AC system. Without regular maintenance, the service life of your AC system may be half as long as it would be otherwise, usually necessitating a new unit within five to eight years.

Loud Sounds

Loose components and older systems cause loud noises during system operation. If you notice sounds like banging, clunking or a loud hum, you’re hearing a signal for repairs or maintenance. If the noises continue after maintenance, it’s likely you need to replace your AC system entirely.

Older AC System

The average service life of a central air conditioning system is 10 to 15 years, although it can last longer with proper maintenance. If you have a system that’s over 15 years old, it’s considered outdated.

Don’t give your old air conditioning system a chance to quit on you when you need it most this summer. Instead, contact Authorized Heating & Air Conditioning today to find out more about our AC replacement services.

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