Spring cleaning is not always relegated to dusting and sorting through old stuff. It also involves cleaning your HVAC unit. This does not mean you have to be well-versed in the specifics of how an HVAC system functions. But spring is the perfect time to break out a checklist for some HVAC cleaning.

Air Filter Change
Air filters for your air conditioner and furnace should be changed out every month or two. The time frame depends on what kind of filter you purchase, but spring time should make for an automatic change.

Bathroom Fans
Spring is a great time to do an annual cleaning of all the bathroom fans in your home. This can be done by simply taking off the cover and washing it with soap and water. The fan itself can even be cleaned with a small brush.

Window Inspection
Check the area around all your windows for any spots that need to be caulked. Go around all the windows and look for small spaces or cracks. Caulking those areas will serve the function of blocking out humidity in warmer months and also keeping out drafts during the colder times of the year.

Clear the Unit
Any debris around your outside HVAC unit should be cleared away. This is actually something that is done during routine HVAC maintenance by professional technicians. There is no reason homeowners cannot do this themselves. For the unit to run at optimum efficiency, it cannot be stifled by any kind of outside debris.

Oven Cleanup
Keeping your oven and range clean will improve energy efficiency in your home. A buildup of dirt and grease in your oven will lead to higher energy bills. It is a quick and easy solution to maximizing HVAC performance.

Test the AC
When spring rolls around, it has usually been a while since your air conditioner was powered on. And just because springtime might not call for the use of your air conditioner, it’s always good to test things out and make sure it is working properly. There’s no need to wait until one of the hottest days of the early summer to find out your in need of air conditioning repair.

HVAC Maintenance
Calling the professionals at Authorized Heating and Air Conditioning is also a way of ensuring your HVAC unit is operating efficiently. Routine maintenance will also help to extend the life of your unit and postpone the need for Our team of technicians will provide complete HVAC maintenance in Greenville, SC and the surrounding communities.

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