It’s a common misconception that HVAC problems only occur when a unit is under-sized. But having a heating and air conditioning system that’s too big can be a problem as well. This is especially true in Greenville, SC, and other areas that experience hot, humid conditions in the summer. It’s important for every property owner to understand that both an over- and under-sized HVAC unit can lead to an array of negative consequences.

Poor Humidity Control

Installing an HVAC unit that’s too large may provide superior cooling power in the summer. But the system may not operate for long enough periods to effectively reduce the indoor humidity. This can cause moisture problems that damage flooring, wall coverings and furnishings. It can also promote the growth and spread of unpleasant biological contaminants.

Decreased Energy Efficiency

An HVAC system that’s too small may run longer to compensate for its lack of sufficient cooling power. Because heating and air systems represent a large portion of household energy use, even a small increase in daily operational costs can translate to a greatly inflated power bill at the end of the month.

Diminished Indoor Comfort

An under-sized HVAC unit won’t achieve the desired level of indoor comfort regardless of how long it runs. This problem can occur when the unit has been sized incorrectly at the time of installation. It also may result from a sudden increase in system demand after a home addition or the removal of shade-providing landscaping.

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