When it comes to cost, installing a new HVAC unit can range from one extreme to the other. It is first important to know the size of the space to be heated and/or cooled. This will determine the size of the HVAC system you will need. That has a considerable effect on the overall cost but it is not the only determining factor. Authorized Heating and Air Conditioning encourages you to continue reading to learn more about HVAC unit costs.

The next question needed to be asked when installing a new HVAC system is how the unit will be powered. Electricity is a popular choice and it may also call for the installation of a humidifier to keep humidity low and comfort levels high during the winter months. HVAC units powered by electric tend to be on the costlier end.

Natural gas is another popular option and can be transferred into your home through piping. When installing an HVAC unit powered by gas, there is a need to determine whether the home has access to a pipeline. If it does not, this adds a whole new level of cost to the installation process.

Oil is a less popular source of fuel for heating. Furnaces that are powered by oil require an actual delivery. Once that oil runs out, another delivery must be made, and the process continues. This is a more outdated way of heating a home and can be costly. Much of it depends on the current price of oil, which can fluctuate drastically. Cost-effectiveness is unpredictable because of the ever-changing oil market.

It also helps to do research into the brands HVAC systems. Some are priced higher than others, but the top brands tend to last many years into the future. There is also the need to determine whether ductwork has to be installed, which adds another layer of cost. SEER ratings also impact cost as a higher SEER rating on an AC unit means more money out of pocket.

It should be noted that rebates, warranties and even tax incentives are offered with the purchase of some HVAC units. It pays to do some homework and read the fine print because there are ways to save. That makes it rather difficult to identify a fixed cost for HVAC installation of a new unit. There are just so many variables involved that it takes some time and research. It can also be aided by a consultation with a trusted HVAC technician.

When you are ready to install a new HVAC unit, contact Authorized Heating & Air as we will work with every client to provide the most affordable and efficient solution for HVAC installation in Greenville, SC.

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