Winter isn’t here yet. But the temperatures in Greenville, SC, signal it’s right around the corner on the calendar. You’re likely already operating your furnace to warm your home. If yours isn’t working as it should, troubleshoot the problem and schedule a heating repair right away to restore your comfort. Here are three things to look for:

Not Enough Warm Air

If your furnace is operating but barely blowing warm air, make sure:

  • Drapes, furniture and other similar items aren’t blocking the vents.
  • You’ve set the thermostat to “HEAT” and the fan to “ON” or “AUTO”.
  • All the supply vents around your home are open to allow the free flow of air.
  • The furnace filter is clean. A dirty filter will reduce heating efficiency.

If you’ve checked all these steps and your furnace still doesn’t blow hot air, schedule a professional furnace inspection. Your comfort advisor can ensure the blower is working and the heating system isn’t out of balance.

Furnace Not Turning On

If your heating system isn’t turning on, make sure:

  • You’ve set the thermostat to “HEAT” if you have a dual HVAC system.
  • The heating system’s circuit breaker is on and the fuse hasn’t blown.
  • Check the furnace’s ignition if you have a gas-powered heating system.
  • You schedule a professional inspection to avoid further damage or injury.

Heater Making Strange Sounds

Your furnace’s ductwork can make popping sounds as air flows through the system, but these shouldn’t alarm you. On the other hand, if you hear rattling, squealing or grinding, there’s an issue that requires further investigation by a professional. Schedule a furnace repair to prevent a small issue from developing into a serious concern.

Is your heating system not performing at peak efficiency? Don’t waste energy and money while not feeling comfortable at home this winter. Contact Authorized Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an in-depth analysis.

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