Noises Coming From Your Furnace? Here’s What They Mean

Noises Coming From Your Furnace? Here’s What They Mean

You never want to hear strange sounds coming from your furnace in Powdersville, SC. Discover what types of loud noises indicate that it’s time to schedule repairs or maintenance on your heater.


It’s possible that a leak exists within the HVAC system when you’re hearing hissing sounds. Does it appear that air is escaping into the walls when you hear the hissing? It might be a ductwork leak.

Get your comfort advisor to perform a heating repair. Whether the hissing originates inside the ductwork or from the furnace itself, you want to get the problem fixed to prevent further damage or higher energy bills.

Frequent Clicking

Furnace clicking often occurs when you turn on the furnace for the first time after summertime inactivity. However, if the noise comes from the furnace directly and persists, you’re probably dealing with a faulty electronic ignition system.


Your furnace probably suffers from loose equipment when clanking noises happen. For example, the problem might originate from loose fan blades.

Allowing this to continue runs the risk of serious damage if loose parts collide with other important components. You don’t want to let the situation become catastrophic enough where you’re looking at replacing the heating system entirely.


Squeaking probably indicates a malfunctioning or worn-out drive motor. Some furnaces squeak a bit after their summer hibernation. However, get the problem looked at if you hear squeaking sounds continue on a long-term basis.


Booming sounds indicate a problem with the electronic ignition. Gas builds up when the ignition process isn’t immediately cycling the furnace on. You’ll hear the booming noise once the increasing fuel buildup finally ignites all at once.

Do you notice strange and annoying noises coming from your furnace? If so, it’s time to have your HVAC system serviced. Contact Authorized Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your next furnace maintenance appointment.

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4 Benefits of a Multi-Zone Ductless Heating Installation

4 Benefits of a Multi-Zone Ductless Heating Installation

Are you in the market for a new HVAC system? With so many options available, the decision can feel overwhelming. The good news is that today’s HVAC systems are more efficient than ever before. Read on to learn four benefits of a multi-zone ductless heating installation and why this system is a good fit for homes in Greenville, SC.

Customize Your Comfort in Every Room

A multi-zone ductless HVAC system allows you to install several indoor air handlers around your home. By doing so, you gain customized control over each zone. You can heat your bedroom while cooling your kitchen at the same time.

Avoid Heating and Cooling Empty Rooms

A ductless HVAC system offers both heating and cooling capabilities like a traditional HVAC system. But with customized control over your comfort, you can stop heating or cooling areas of your house that you’re not using. Imagine all the energy you’ve wasted over the years heating and cooling the entire house when you’re sleeping in the bedroom.

Stop Wasting Energy Via Leaky Ducts

Ducts are bulky pieces of HVAC equipment that are susceptible to cracks and holes. A leak in ductwork can waste up to 60 percent of the conditioned air your HVAC system produces. That’s a lot of wasted energy and money. Ductless HVAC systems don’t require ductwork, which also helps you save by not needing to schedule duct cleaning or repairs.

Control Your System With a Smartphone

A multi-zone ductless HVAC system can come equipped with the ability for you to control it using your smartphone. This offers another list of benefits that can help you save even more energy and money, including automated operation.

Do you want to learn more about multi-zone ductless heating and air conditioning? Contact the HVAC experts at Authorized Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll help you select the right system for your house and budget.

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Furnace Not Working Effectively? Here are Some Troubleshooting Tips

Furnace Not Working Effectively? Here are Some Troubleshooting Tips

Winter isn’t here yet. But the temperatures in Greenville, SC, signal it’s right around the corner on the calendar. You’re likely already operating your furnace to warm your home. If yours isn’t working as it should, troubleshoot the problem and schedule a heating repair right away to restore your comfort. Here are three things to look for:

Not Enough Warm Air

If your furnace is operating but barely blowing warm air, make sure:

  • Drapes, furniture and other similar items aren’t blocking the vents.
  • You’ve set the thermostat to “HEAT” and the fan to “ON” or “AUTO”.
  • All the supply vents around your home are open to allow the free flow of air.
  • The furnace filter is clean. A dirty filter will reduce heating efficiency.

If you’ve checked all these steps and your furnace still doesn’t blow hot air, schedule a professional furnace inspection. Your comfort advisor can ensure the blower is working and the heating system isn’t out of balance.

Furnace Not Turning On

If your heating system isn’t turning on, make sure:

  • You’ve set the thermostat to “HEAT” if you have a dual HVAC system.
  • The heating system’s circuit breaker is on and the fuse hasn’t blown.
  • Check the furnace’s ignition if you have a gas-powered heating system.
  • You schedule a professional inspection to avoid further damage or injury.

Heater Making Strange Sounds

Your furnace’s ductwork can make popping sounds as air flows through the system, but these shouldn’t alarm you. On the other hand, if you hear rattling, squealing or grinding, there’s an issue that requires further investigation by a professional. Schedule a furnace repair to prevent a small issue from developing into a serious concern.

Is your heating system not performing at peak efficiency? Don’t waste energy and money while not feeling comfortable at home this winter. Contact Authorized Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an in-depth analysis.

3 Reasons Not to Delay Your Fall Furnace Maintenance

3 Reasons Not to Delay Your Fall Furnace Maintenance

It can be tempting to put off this year’s fall furnace maintenance until the last moment or even skip it altogether. If you’d like to prepare your Greenville, SC, home to handle the colder months of the year, it’s definitely best to schedule furnace maintenance now. Getting your annual maintenance done early can help make your home safer and also help you resolve potential HVAC problems before they become a big hassle.

Eliminate Potential Safety Hazards

Today’s furnaces are much safer than their predecessors, but a neglected unit can still pose a serious threat. From carbon monoxide poisoning and circulating allergens to even deadly fires, neglecting your furnace can result in disastrous consequences. These problems can strike at any minute. It’s always best to be proactive in maintaining the health of your unit.

Fix Minor Problems While They’re Still Affordable

HVAC repair costs can get out of control in a hurry if you let small problems fester. Minor issues with your furnace, such as dirty filters or pilot light problems, are much cheaper to fix before they have a systemic effect. Therefore, it’s best to schedule maintenance now instead of a repair later.

Keep The Selling Price of Your Home High

You never know when you’ll need to pick up and move for a new job, so having the option to sell your home for its full value can give you peace of mind and help you sleep better at night. An efficient HVAC system is almost always a big selling point for a prospective home buyer. It’ll also help set your residence apart from sellers who neglect maintenance.

If you’ve been meaning to schedule your fall furnace maintenance but haven’t gotten around to it yet, there’s still time. Contact Authorized Heating & Air Conditioning when you need to schedule a quick checkup or a full-fledged repair.

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3 Fall Residential HVAC Maintenance Tips

3 Fall Residential HVAC Maintenance Tips

You probably didn’t know, but poor HVAC maintenance causes an estimated 15% of all house fires. This is just one of the many benefits of tuning up your heating and cooling system. As we get ready for the cold weather in Easley, SC, follow these three steps to help prevent becoming a statistic this winter.

Replace Your Air Filter

Replacing an air filter is something most people can do for themselves. While simple, it’s one of the best things you can do to keep your HVAC system working properly. Unfortunately, many people neglect this task.

Over the winter, the restricted airflow caused by clogged filters puts additional strain on many components of your system. This could lead to lots of furnace repairs. Plan to check your filters every 30 days, and replace them when they look filthy.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

If your thermostat is more than 10 years old, you may want to consider getting an upgrade. Modern thermostats give you more control over your heating cycles.

Furthermore, a replacement will let you adjust your settings in your home as well as remotely. As the outside temperature fluctuates, you can adjust the temperature to help optimize both comfort and energy use.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance

Don’t forget to schedule your fall maintenance visit. During a tuneup, a certified comfort advisor will clean the dust that has settled over the summer on your heat exchanger and circulating fan. This professional will also check for signs of wear on the movable components and the tightness of electrical connections. The accumulated dust and loose connections are the leading causes of furnace-related fires.

Don’t wait for the cold winter weather to hit to schedule your maintenance service. Call the licensed HVAC professionals at Authorized Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your maintenance check today.

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Top HVAC Upgrades of 2020 to Consider for Your Greenville, SC, Home

Top HVAC Upgrades of 2020 to Consider for Your Greenville, SC, Home

The HVAC industry continually sees improvements in technology that help make a home’s indoor environment more comfortable and energy efficient. Here are some of the top HVAC upgrades of 2020 to consider for your Greenville, SC, home:


HVAC units are becoming more sustainable and friendly to the environment. Newer HVAC systems use less energy, and many have eliminated the use of harmful chemicals like refrigerants in favor of greener versions. You can find some of the most environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems when contacting us about a new installation.

Electrical Units

In 2020, you’re more likely to find HVAC units that only run by electrical means. This is in part due to a desire to reduce greenhouse gases from the use of fossil fuel-run systems. Electric-only HVAC systems will work to cool or heat your home from one unit without requiring multiple pieces.

Geothermal HVAC

It’s becoming more common for the heat pump parts of HVAC units to use geothermal energy. This kind of system uses natural heat from the ground to regulate the temperature of your home in both cool and warm seasons. As the technology improves, it’s likely to get more cost effective to install.

Smart Technology

Heating and cooling units are incorporating more smart technology in order to regulate the indoor temperature of a home automatically. You’re even able to connect to your system remotely, utilizing your mobile device as long as you have an internet connection. This will help you ensure that your home is always comfortable, even if your schedule changes.

You can upgrade to a system with many of these new features when you work with our professionals. Contact Authorized Heating & Air Conditioning for repair or installation to best meet your needs. We look forward to helping you save energy and money this year and beyond.

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