You may want a new heat pump before you go through another summer in Duncan, SC. It would be bad for your system to break down when you most need the cool air it provides. Besides that, you probably want to reap the savings and other benefits that a new system offers. Look for the following signs that will help you choose whether to repair or replace your heat pump this spring:

Too-Frequent and Costly Repairs

Maybe your heat pump has been breaking down or continuing to run inefficiently despite repeated repairs, maintenance and inspections. This behavior shows that either the repairs didn’t address the problem or the heat pump is irreversibly worn out. Request a visit from a service technician to determine which it is.

Unusually Short or Long Cycles

To know if your heat pump runs inefficiently, time the cycles; each should last 10 to 15 minutes, and an hour should contain no more than four cycles. Short-cycling and extremely long cycles do your energy bill no favors and wear out the system prematurely. If repairs haven’t solved these issues in particular, start searching for a replacement.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Let’s say that you’re getting regular maintenance and that you’re replacing the air filter like you should. If the heat pump is relatively new, then it would respond to this by performing efficiently and, indirectly, keeping the indoor air clean. On the flip side, a malfunctioning heat pump will make your air stale, humid and full of pollutants that trigger asthma and allergy symptoms.

For an expert replacement in Duncan, SC, contact Authorized Heating & Air Conditioning today. Our family-owned company has a wide range of products, and our service technicians will present you with appropriate options. We strive for only the best in customer service and a job well done.

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