You never want to hear strange sounds coming from your furnace in Powdersville, SC. Discover what types of loud noises indicate that it’s time to schedule repairs or maintenance on your heater.


It’s possible that a leak exists within the HVAC system when you’re hearing hissing sounds. Does it appear that air is escaping into the walls when you hear the hissing? It might be a ductwork leak.

Get your comfort advisor to perform a heating repair. Whether the hissing originates inside the ductwork or from the furnace itself, you want to get the problem fixed to prevent further damage or higher energy bills.

Frequent Clicking

Furnace clicking often occurs when you turn on the furnace for the first time after summertime inactivity. However, if the noise comes from the furnace directly and persists, you’re probably dealing with a faulty electronic ignition system.


Your furnace probably suffers from loose equipment when clanking noises happen. For example, the problem might originate from loose fan blades.

Allowing this to continue runs the risk of serious damage if loose parts collide with other important components. You don’t want to let the situation become catastrophic enough where you’re looking at replacing the heating system entirely.


Squeaking probably indicates a malfunctioning or worn-out drive motor. Some furnaces squeak a bit after their summer hibernation. However, get the problem looked at if you hear squeaking sounds continue on a long-term basis.


Booming sounds indicate a problem with the electronic ignition. Gas builds up when the ignition process isn’t immediately cycling the furnace on. You’ll hear the booming noise once the increasing fuel buildup finally ignites all at once.

Do you notice strange and annoying noises coming from your furnace? If so, it’s time to have your HVAC system serviced. Contact Authorized Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your next furnace maintenance appointment.

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