The weather is warming up around Easley, SC. As such, you’re probably starting to think about the relief your air conditioner offers. However, without a seasonal tuneup, it may fail when you need it most. Consider these reasons you need to schedule spring AC maintenance:

Boost Reliability

The hotter and more humid the weather becomes, the more it strains your AC system. The checks included with maintenance ensure your air conditioner is operating without additional strain from malfunctioning components. As a result, it increases your system’s reliability when the summer heat reaches its peak.

Reduce the Risk of AC Repairs

Your air conditioner slowly loses efficiency as airborne contaminants build up on internal parts like the circulating fan. Reduced efficiency increases strain and wear on the system’s components. As a result, you’ll require more frequent AC repairs. Over time, the added strain shortens your system’s service life.

Our AC maintenance service technician will deep-clean your air conditioner to promote an extended service life and less frequent repairs. This includes your circulating fan, the evaporator coil and the condensing coil outside.

Decrease Your Energy Bills

Air conditioning efficiency is a measure of how much energy you’re expending compared to how much cooling your system offers. As the efficiency decreases, your energy bills slowly climb. The focus on maintaining your AC system’s efficiency keeps your energy consumption down. To maintain high efficiency, change your filter every month during peak cooling season.

Protect Your Warranty

Finally, most air conditioning manufacturers offer anywhere from a five- to a 10-year warranty on their AC systems. However, professional routine maintenance is often a term of keeping that warranty valid. They include this in the terms because of the amount of additional wear a lack of maintenance adds to the system.

Make sure your air conditioner is ready to take on the heat and humidity this summer. Call our team at Authorized Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule your AC maintenance appointment with one of our expert service technicians. By doing so, you’ll stay cool this summer for less.

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