Scheduled Trane HVAC maintenance is a service provided by HVAC contractors to ensure your system is running efficiently all year around. This particular service functions by having a technician arrive at your home and examine a variety of areas. The maintenance is routine, but more advanced than the basic checks that homeowners can conduct themselves over the course of a year.

Scheduled maintenance should be done prior to the start of summer or winter. The reason for this is that your HVAC unit is going to be working overtime during those months, whether it involves cooling or heating. It can be a tune-up for the rigors of the upcoming season, which can bring sweltering heat or bitter cold. Scheduling maintenance for a certain time can help ease your worries and be beneficial in other ways:


Homes that are heated with gas-powered furnace should always receive a scheduled maintenance check to prevent any issues that may be harmful to everyone in the home. For example, when a heat exchanger cracks, it could lead to the creation of fire hazards as well as carbon monoxide poisoning. Scheduled maintenance can identify minor issues before they turn into major ones that could harm your home.


Your year-round comfort is important and scheduling regular maintenance will improve your overall climate control. Simple usage over the course of time will cause the components in your climate control system to decrease in performance. Replacing various components with scheduled maintenance each year will allow the unit to keep running efficiently, providing maximum comfort.


During the peak of a season, a HVAC Greenville SC will be operating at full capacity for long stretches of time. This is true whether you rely more on heating or air conditioning Greenville SC. A unit that is not serviced properly will have to work that much harder, which will impact overall efficiency. That will cause your unit to use more energy than necessary. Scheduled maintenance can avoid that overuse by providing a seasonal tune-up to your unit


Creating a comfortable room temperature with an HVAC unit requires a unique balance of mechanical functionality, air flow and the right equipment. Scheduled maintenance will ensure all those components are functioning in unison. If one of those components is out of alignment, it could throw off the whole process of heating or cooling.

When it’s time to schedule maintenance on your HVAC in Greenville, SC, contact the team of trained professionals at Authorized Heating & Air.

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